Get Started

What to expect:

It starts with a simple phone call.

In our initial contact we’ll discuss your goals for your garden, address any concerns you have, and explore possibilities. This would be the time to address some of those burning questions you might have about taking on your project.Native Redtwig Dogwood

  • Call me: 360.927.0955
  • Email me:

At the end of our initial phone consult, we’ll schedule a day and time for me to visit  you at      your garden.

  • We will discuss what you want to do, and go over what’s possible and what might not be possible.
  • Discuss any pests or diseases that concern you.
  • I will take pictures and notes of your garden as we work through the site. Along the way I will ask you about your soil and plants and other things as they arise.
  • I strongly urge you to write down any questions you might have before our on-site consult so we can make the best our time together.

What I like most is watching the excitement grow as we move through the possibilities before us. Anything we do together is meant to inspire you toward a successful garden project that you will love and enjoy for many years to come.