Seattle Tilth – good information on sustainability, community gardening, events and workshops. Excellent training composting and soil building. (Must be Seattle resident).
NRCS Soil Health – Tons of information and soil health literature.
WA State Dept. of Ecology Search their site for SOILS. Lots of other information on water and all things ecological in Washington.

Native Plants:
King County Native Plant Guide — excellent interactive guide on native plants.
USDA Plant Database — extensive database of plants (and natives) in North America
King County Native Plant Salvage – Learn about natives by volunteering to rescue natives from certain death and destruction.
Washington Native Plant Society — excellent source on native plants. Also, education, hikes, field trips, volunteer, plant sales and more. 

Urban Farming:
Rainer Beach Urban Farm & Wetlands — An Urban Farm from Seattle Tilth in Rainier Beach 
Seattle Office of Sustainability & Environment  City of Seattle’s vision for a healthy food system…
Urban Farm Hub Urban Agriculture News for the Pacific Northwest
Urban Agriculture in Seattle  Urban Agriculture in Seattle: Policy & Barriers
Urban Farm Schoolhouse  Dedicated to helping you grow your own food, no matter the size of your yard or balcony!
Seattle Farm Co-op  …created with the express purpose of giving urban farmers better access to feed, tools, supplies and a supportive community of like minded folks.

Gardening for Habitat:
Washington State Dept. Fish & Wildlife – Wildlife, Birds, Butterflies. Learn how to plant for habitat right in your garden.

Pest Control from Weeds to Critters, Naturally:
 The UC Davis IPM (Integrated Pest Management) One of the most comprehensive natural pest management sources.
Oregon State University IPM – Another excellent source for IPM.
National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service (IPM) – More good info on IPM.
Organic Gardening– What weeds tell you about your soil type and nutrients.
Beyond PesticidesNicely done .pdf on “reading your weeds” Excellent guide.
Snohomish County Noxious Weed List — Excellent pictures and information about how these weeds can damage the environment.
King County Noxious Weed List — Another excellent noxious weed list.
Pictures of Noxious Weeds from King County — Nice pictures of the little varmint weeds.

Plant Amnesty – these folks will hook you up with any number of excellent arborists for all your pruning needs. They also offer classes in pruning. 

Arboretums and Gardens:
Kruckeberg Gardens Author Arthur Kruckeberg Wrote “Flora of the Pacific Northwest” and “The Natural History of Puget Sound Country”. Monumental writings. His gardens are available for tours. Worth the visit.
UW Center for Urban Horticulture Worth exploring their website. They are part of the UW Botanical Gardens.
UW Elizabeth C. Miller Research Library – A horticulture library with a helpful staff. Excellent source for hard to find information.

Other Media –  PBS’s Growing a Greener WorldTV – This is a super series featuring green living, organic gardening and farm-to-table programming. They recently aired a program on permaculture with Seattle’s own Jessi Bloom at Check out the GGWTV blog here.

Good Read Book list:
The Informed Gardener – Linda Chalker-Scott – Sets the record straight on lingering garden myths.
The Informed Gardener Blooms Again – Linda Chalker-Scott – Linda’s follow-up to the popular Informed Gardener. Check out Linda’s horticulture writing here: WSU Puyallup (Linda lives in Seattle).
Sustainable Landscaping & Gardening – Linda Chalker-Scott – Chock full of useful info. Excellent for the beginner.
Maritime Northwest Garden Guide – Excellent pulication from Seattle Tilth.
Healthy Soils for Sustainable Gardens – Brooklyn Botanic Garden All-Region Guides – Very well written, easy to read and understand the information put forth. Good one to use as reference. Short read at slightly more than 100 pages.
Weeds – In defense of nature’s most unloved plants – Richard Mabey, a fun and witty read.
Northwest WEEDS – excellent to help ID weeds. – Ronald J. Taylor, Excellent pictures for identifying some of the most common weeds. Not comprehensive but good to have on hand for many common weeds. Worth having.
The Curious Gardener’s Almanac – Niall Edworthy. An almanac with “centuries of practical garden wisdom” Definitely worth reading after a full day of gardening. The sort of book you can open and start reading from any page.
The Pacific Northwest Gardener’s Book of Lists – Ray & Jan McNeilan, Good for organizing your “plant mind”
Good Bug, Bad Bug – Jessica Walliser, Excellent resource for identifying bugs.
Food Grown Right, in Your Backyard – Colin McCrate & Brad Halm, co-founders of Seattle Urban Farm Co. – Excellent how-to on growing your own veggies. Check out their website at

A Sand County Almanac“…a stunning tribute to our land and a bold challenge to protect the world we love” A classic book on mindful of ecology and environmental preservation. Beautifully written. Published in 1949.

Finally, a book for the soul and spirit of the nature that lies within us:
The Sacred Balance: Rediscovering Our Place in Nature — David Suzuki with Amanda McConnell & Adrienne Mason